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Adore Security provides a wide range of security solutions for various industries in India. We utilize the latest technology, combined with our knowledge and expertise, to enhance security in your business. On the next page, you can read what we offer for various industries.

Commercial & Businesses

Whatever the size of your business, properly designed and installed security measures are essential. Our solutions are designed to protect your clients, staff, and property. Our commercial security services can cover everything from small shops, offices and office blocks, to entire multi-storey malls. Read more

Property Management

Real estate investors and property managers must ensure that their residents are well protected from break-in, and their buildings are protected from damage. Security measures also increase the value of a home or rental, and drive down insurance. Adore offers security solutions to meet the needs of managers of all types and scales of development. Read more

Residential Buildings

Our residential security services can protect your building and your family from break-ins and disturbances. Our technologically advanced solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs and budget. Read more


Hotels, guesthouses, and campsites all require a security system to protect their guests, and make sure both staff and clients can feel comfortable and safe. Adore can install advanced solutions based on your requirements.

Government Facilities

Government buildings often host sensitive data and valuable assets. Courthouses, educational facilities, and municipal buildings all require a personalized approach to security solutions. Adore are experts at providing this security type.

Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

We can design and install security systems to protect your staff, patients, and healthcare buildings. Advanced access control, monitoring, and alarm systems all facilitate a safe environment, where you can be comfortable knowing that your facility is secure. Read more

Educational Facilities

We can help you monitor and control the entry of staff and students with access control, install CCTV and monitoring, and install alarm systems that ensure the safety of everyone at your educational facility, and protect the building itself from vandalism and misuse. Read more

Non-Profit Organizations

We provide uniquely tailored security solutions for NPOs, to protect your project and the people involved in it. NPOs exists with trust at their centre, and proper security can help to reinforce this sense of safety.

Construction Site Security

Construction projects are complex and one of the critical factors to successful completion of a construction project is construction site security. Read More

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